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Fantasy LCS

Statistics generation for League of Legends Tournaments, with database and JSON API.


League of Legends is a team-based strategy game which is played competitively at regional and international tournaments. I started this project out of frustration at the lack of any public API for data on competing teams and players. This repository contains tools to collect and examine the statistics for teams and players in each tournament, for use in analysing results in fantasy leagues (See the Fantasy LCS website for more details).

Currently, there are two main components;


I somehow had time to spare between graduating, moving house, taking a holiday in Paris and starting work at Netcraft, so I begun work on this pet project. It was very rewarding and didn't take very long. It is fairly mature already, and is being used in other statistics projects. I welcome any feedback about criticisms, potential features and extensions.


All the source code involved, including the API, database schema and stats processing, is licenced under the MIT licence, and available on Github. If you can help improve it, please do contribute.