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Mumble Info

Mumble VoIP server web interface and JSON API, built with PHP and AngularJS.


Mumble is an open-source, low-latency Voice over IP (VoIP) client primarily designed for use by gamers. This project provides an HTTP and JSON interface with the server, which has the capability of exploring the current server state and performing administrative tasks on behalf of a moderator. The web interface and API for my personal server are hosted at

The project began as a simple PHP web interface to display a list of connected users. In November 2014 I switched to using AngularJS for frontend processing as I required experience using the framework; this has turned out to be an excellent decision as it has improved code coherency and decreased server load significantly.


Other similar projects exist, such as MAP and MumPI. However, these all need significant set-up effort and often require a database interface for full functionality. This solution is designed for easy set-up, perhaps at the expense of a comprehensive range of capabilities.


All the source code involved, including the API, database schema and stats processing, is licenced under the MIT licence, and available on Github. If you can help improve it, please do contribute.